About Us

Things to do in Southport was created to give both local and national people the very latest information on what’s happening in Southport.

There are a few websites out there dedicated to news and tourism for this town but are really not updated on the very latest events, shows and activities within this wonderful town. Therefore the website is solely dedicated for this purpose. Southport has many fixed attractions including beautiful parks, Southport Pleasureland, Formby pine woods, theatres, cinemas, the marine lake, art galleries, the promenade, championship golf courses the pier and of course miles of beaches.

However alongside the fixed attraction Southport hosts many events, attractions and generally things to do throughout the year which will be posted on here on a regular basis. No matter what size of the show, event or place we will try to included it here.

Don’t forget if you have anything which relates to tourism, leisure and activities then please get in touch with us and help us make this the No 1 place to. Please contact us here: [email protected]

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